Email List

Using the mailing list
To send an email message to all members of the St. John Neumann Knights of Columbus all you need to do is send an email message addressed to Please note, you can only send a message to this mailing list from an email address which is subscribed to the list. For your privacy, the list is private and does not accept messages from non-members.

Who is subscribed to this list?
All our membership in the St. John Neumann Knights of Columbus for whom we have a valid email address on file, as well as our District Deputy and District Field Agent.

New Members or Transferring Members
If you have recently joined our council we want you to be a member of our mailing list. The messages are kept to a minimum and our members do a very good job of keeping the content on-topic. It will help keep you in the loop on important happenings between meetings.  Please contact Doug Costello at with your email address to be added to the mailing list.

Recent changes to the mailing list (August 3, 2013)
All members should have received an email from our new mailing list provider, Please follow the instructions in that email to join the new email list. The old email list will be deactivated soon.